CAMAS Membership Directives

CAMAS USA membership shall constitute any person(s) or groups of Cameroon and the world around, spouses and their descendants of good moral character that is (are) interested in the advancement of culture,and other community services. Considering that similar cultures and traditions are practiced in other countries in Africa, America and the world beyond interested person(s) or groups from such countries may be invited by the board to become member(s) of CAMAS USA.

Traditionally, a CAMAS USA member shall reside in the State of Delaware and other neighboring cities. CAMAS USA will accommodate members residing out of Delaware, and only members residing in States surroundings Delaware such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The board from time to time may invite citizens of other countries who share same cultural interest as outlined in this bylaws and also with vital professional expertise to become member(s) of CAMAS USA. This new membership will be granted by association to an old member of Camas USA who is in good standing or any new member(s) must be vested by an old member, and his/her name must be submitted on or before the last Saturday of the September meeting for screening

The Board of trustee shall verify through all means legally acceptable in the US that the new applicant is in good standing in the United States of America (such as using e-verify). Board of Trustee shall announce the names of newly admitted CAMAS USA members on the last Saturday in the month of October (same year) or on some occasions vary the announcement date(s) depending on the needs of the organization.

CAMAS USA'S's new members before admission shall contribute $80(fifty dollars for new member fees, twenty dollars for annual dues and ten dollars for application fees respectively). Applicants who are not admitted will be refunded the new member fees ($50) and annual dues ($20). The application fee ($10) shall not be refunded.

All CAMAS USA's members (old or new) shall be subject to $20 (twenty dollars) annual fees each year. The board on occasion may waive admission and other dues contribution(s) from new member(s) or group(s) depending on their contribution to the growth of CAMAS USA.

All CAMAS USA members who participate in savings and investments initiative only) shall abide and adhere to CORE VALUES (1) to (5) as outlined in our About Us page as a condition for membership.

Goals of the Association

Provides interest free loans to its members through ‘njangi’ - 92%
Provides opportunity to save - 97%
Provides solidarity/support to members in times of happiness (joy)/sorrow - 94%
Organizes (public) activities to show case culture - 100%
Provides opportunities for investments - 89%

Mission Statement

As members of CAMAS Association, we [The CAMAS Association (seeks to)] fosters/promotes family values, our various cultures, diversity, solidarity/support for its members in times of happiness and sorrow, provides opportunities for financial development and growth, involvement and volunteer activities in the community. We strive to accomplish these ideals through teamwork and respect for one another and our community. Benefits of CAMAS membership You will have an opportunity to partake in social gatherings with other members.
To mingle and have fun and reduce some stress. Enjoy personal growth and development/enrichment by taking advantage of the multitude of talents and resources (as ordered/provided by) of the various members of the association. Enjoy financial freedom by taking advantage of CAMAS’ interest-free loans, as well as taking advantage of the saving and investment opportunities that are available. Enrich your life (Get a sense of fulfillment) by becoming actively involved in your community/give back to your community. Become a part of the financial future of the United States by becoming a part of the creation/establishment (founding fathers) of a new Credit Union.