Letter from the President

Welcome from the President of CAMAS

Cameroon Mutual Association (CAMAS) would like to welcome you to our site. I do hope you will find our site interesting and enriching. CAMAS believes in providing a supportive, nurturing, and rewarding environment for our members and children through the values we place on each other. CAMAS places emphasis on family rectitude (virtue), entrepreneurship through our savings, pre-approved federal credit union, investment initiatives and njangi programs.

With the magnitude of challenges facing us today, CAMAS is looking forward to attracting new members with innovative and progressive ideas to build a stronger CAMAS for tomorrow.

By fostering the exchange of progressive ideas and identifying viable opportunities, CAMAS sees a brighter future for its members. We are there when our members need us.

We are the group of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Come join our positive growth. CAMAS will always look forward for a return visit from you. Enjoy your visit on our site. Once again, thank you.

Zony Foma

President of CAMAS