About Us

Who We Are


Cameroon Mutual Association (CAMAS) is a group that was founded in 2004 by fifteen individuals from Cameroon. The organization was so named because originally, its members were solely of Cameroonian origin and membership was limited to those from Cameroon. In 2015, CAMAS opened its membership to all Africans and friends of Africans. Today, the association comprises of more than 50 members ranging from Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.


Goals of the Association

The establishment of the federal credit union has been pre-approved, with its name reserved. This federal credit union will serve the needs of its members and the community. Camas plan to raise funds through appeal to the members and world wishers to support and meet the needs of the newly pre-approved federal credit union.
There are several aspects components of CAMAS. These include social, financial, educational aspects, and community service. The financial component consist of ‘njangi’, investment funds, and pre-approved establishment of a federal credit union. With ‘njangi’, every participating member has an opportunity to obtain interest free loans, which they are allowed up to 11 months to pay (depending on when they receive their scheduled monthly distribution). An added benefit of the ‘njangi’ is the opportunity to save. The investment arm provides individuals who are interested, with the opportunity to contribute funds which are invested in the way of loans to members, for which the individual earns interests at the end of the year. Yearly interest earned by Camas is distributed in the following ratio: 60% to investing members, while 40% is assigned to public causes and administration.
In the social realm, CAMAS fosters family values and social gatherings. The Association provides solidarity/support to members in times of happiness and sorrow.
The educational component serves as a medium for the betterment of CAMAS members in various realms, including, but not limited to personal growth and development, financial freedom, and career development.
Community service is marked by sacrificing in diverse ways to help the less privileged. For the past five years Camas has supported the Wilmington community by her annual feed the poor and homeless program. This twice a year program has been accomplished through partnership with religious bodies. Camas future plans are to expand the feed the poor and homeless program to the whole of Delaware and the surrounding states, introduce other public programs such as keeping our community clean and donating to help the less fortunate children.

Objective and Purpose

The objectives of CAMAS shall be adhered to strictly as contained in the charter of the corporation and shall be confined to the special pursuits and purposes therein and as directed by the Board of Trustees and shall at all times be in compliance with the requirements of section 501 (c) (7) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations as they now exist or may hereafter be amended.

The fundamental mission of CAMAS will be centered on five main activities:

  1. (1) Membership mobilization and fund raising.
  2. (2) Financial contributions- member savings and CAMAS use of member savings to provide emergency or non-emergency short term loan to members.
  3. (3) Member scheduled monthly contribution(s) that shall be distributed to scheduled members.
  4. (4) Cultural and social activities that show cases the rich culture of the motherland for the benefit of the public. Social activities that benefit CAMAS members shall be referred to as “solidarity”. Solidarity shall be defined in terms of situation(s) of happiness (marriage and birth) enjoyed by member(s), and sorrow (sadness) suffered by any member(s) of group.
  5. (5) Creation of CAMAS Federal Credit Union/Investment group to foster and promote entrepreneurial growth of members and other groups who share CAMAS philosophy.

Goals of the Association

Provides interest free loans to its members through ‘njangi’ - 92%
Provides opportunity to save - 97%
Provides solidarity/support to members in times of happiness (joy)/sorrow - 94%
Organizes (public) activities to show case culture - 100%
Provides opportunities for investments - 89%

Mission Statement

As members of CAMAS Association, we [The CAMAS Association (seeks to)] fosters/promotes family values, our various cultures, diversity, solidarity/support for its members in times of happiness and sorrow, provides opportunities for financial development and growth, involvement and volunteer activities in the community. We strive to accomplish these ideals through teamwork and respect for one another and our community. Benefits of CAMAS membership You will have an opportunity to partake in social gatherings with other members.
To mingle and have fun and reduce some stress. Enjoy personal growth and development/enrichment by taking advantage of the multitude of talents and resources (as ordered/provided by) of the various members of the association. Enjoy financial freedom by taking advantage of CAMAS’ interest-free loans, as well as taking advantage of the saving and investment opportunities that are available. Enrich your life (Get a sense of fulfillment) by becoming actively involved in your community/give back to your community. Become a part of the financial future of the United States by becoming a part of the creation/establishment (founding fathers) of a new Credit Union.

Board of Trustees

The business and affairs of CAMAS shall be managed under the direction of its Board of Trustees consisting initially of those individuals named in the Articles of Incorporation. In
addition to the powers expressly conferred upon them by these Bylaws, the Board of Trustees may exercise all the powers of the corporation. From time to time, the Board of Trustees may delegate to officers of CAMAS such powers and duties as it may see fit in addition to those specifically provided in these Bylaws. The Trustees serving as such from time to time shall be the members of CAMAS.